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I was in my husband's hometown, Altoona, Pa, over Easter weekend. I was driving through my in-law's neighborhood when I came upon what appeared to be a yard sale. I BRAKE FOR YARD SALES! should be a bumper sticker on my suv. It mortifies my kids but they should be used to it by now.  Anyway, I looked at the few items this man was selling against his chain-linked fence.  He had made these drum shaped coffee tables out of wood.  I asked how much and he said $25. I rarely have cash in my wallet and told him I would be back. A few hours later, I saw he was putting everything away and it looked like he hadn't sold a single table. He was so happy I had returned and liked his tables... he gave me two for one!
Very West Elm-like
The small one is 18" diameter and large one is 26" diameter. I think both made of hickory.

Elm Wood Coffee Table

 I love a good find!!!!!!!

eclectic style

Eclectic style is the great equalizer. It reshuffles the rule book, mixing and matching old and new, East and West, luxe and humble, showy and quiet. It invites you to fill a space  with objects you love and unique finds that strike your fancy. Simply put, it's you, curated. Try to redecorate a room using your favorite objects -- pillows, lamps, art, etc. Avoid symmetry.

I began this inspiration board with my painting "woodsy girl" and worked around her. The painting of the seated woman is mine too.

open studio - sunday, march 17th

Locals welcome! I'm hosting an open studio on St. Patty's Day! Come see new paintings, framed prints, flip through matted prints and cool jewelry pieces. I love the open studio concept. It gives me creative license to try out new ideas.

Stay for a pint of green beer, maybe some guitar playing and a fire in the pit! One lucky raffle winner will leave with a 11" x 14" print! 

Be sure to bring a friend!
*all set up for credit card purchases.

My Etsy Valentine

Here are a few fun finds on etsy for valentines day- gimme, gimme!
I actually have this print. Bought it at the Crafty Bastards show in DC last year. L-O-V-E, LOVE IT! The husband, of the husband and wife team, of strawberryluna said it is one of his favorites. SOLD
Sweet heart bowls by ross lab

Want to buy one of these totally awesome pieces by Pure Essentia. Very boho chic!

shut up and kiss me. Lemonade lip balm
I have these because I made them. I opened up an etsy site, an eclectic girl, to sell cool stuff like these adorable pillows. I think they have a Jonathan Adler vibe.

DIY - cute fox dolls

Saw this DIY on one of my favorite blogs - A Beautiful Mess. I made a few for the holidays and then decided to make more for my open studio. I used white velvet, faux fur and gold lame for the backing. I think they are adorable and have a more seasonal feel. 
Here's what you need and how to make......


Plush fox 1A few years back I made and sold these cute plush fox pillows through Red Velvet. Since it's a retired product now, we decided to teach you how to make them! These foxes are a fun one-evening sewing project that you can do with even the most basic sewing skills! Enjoy! 
Plush fox steps1: Supplies Needed- Simple solid, print, and white cotton fabric, scissors, card stock, plush stuffing, sewing machine/needle and thread and child safe snap on button eyes and noses. (You can find them in the doll section at your local craft store.) 2. Cut out the back and front of the fox. We made ours an estimate 1x2 ft. 3. Cut out and trace a circle from card stock on the back of your patterned fabric. This will be for the fox's belly! 4. Next, sew on a triangle shape for the snout with the white fabric. For the eyes and nose, make a tiny hole with scissors, poke the eyes and nose through and secure it with the back snap. 5. After you've sewn on the snout, sew on the belly! You'll always want to sew on the snout first, guaranteeing that the belly won't be too high or too low. 6. Once you've decorated the front, place both sides together with the outsides facing in and sew them together, leaving a small gap at the bottom. After you've sewn your fox together, flip him inside out and fill with stuffing! Last, hand stitch the opening. All done!
Plush fox 2Plush fox 2Plush fox 2Plush fox 2Try adding different details and embellishments to give your foxes cute personalities! Have fun. XOXO. elsie

DIY - fun holiday tote

I was recently in Sephora and was given this cute cinch gift bag with my purchase. I thought it was so cute and I wanted to get better use of it. Here is what I came up with.....
Cut the top of bag off and remove the silver string that cinched the bag. I will use the cut pieces for my handles later. I found this tan suede fabric in my fabric box that would work great with the design of the bag.
On the reverse side, sew the suede to the other fabric. Iron the top to fold down nicely when handles are sewn on.
Finished in about 20 minutes. It really was quick and easy and I love it!!!!

Painting of the Day: A painting by Mary Sauer

I admire Sauer's concept of painting modern women in modern settings. The background is as interesting as the subject. I like the use of white in this particular oil painting. My preference is the large scale oil paintings to her small portraits.
unknown title
As she builds her large scale impressionistic paintings in oil on canvas, Mary Sauer’s subjects are posed with an elegant grace within highly structured settings. They are softly illuminated with a nod to the idealized imagery of the 1950s and commissioned portraiture.
Born in Hanson, KY and now living in Manhattan, NY, Sauer’s upbringing in a conservative Christian home centers her art with a sense of traditional family values, as she gives honor to the role of mothers in society while exploring the unexpected challenges placed on women through the feminist movement.

more of Mary Sauer-