painting of the day

painting of the day: Fry Stand by Shawn Huckins

180B - Fry Stand


acrylic on canvas mounted on MDF

49 x 40 in (124 x 102 cm)
I was first introduced to Shawn Huckins after seeing the Paint Chip Series, featured on The Jealous Curator (great art blog). 

The Paint Chip Series features several large canvases painted to resemble various color swatches you'd pick up at Home Depot or Sherwin Williams before covering your living room in "Pacific Sea Teal." Each "chip" also incorporates some mundane image drawn from the everyday—a Walmart employee pushing shopping carts across a "Sweet Corn" landscape; cars sinking into a "Honey Beige" flood. 

More from the paint chip series....
380B - Brown Paper Bag,
Artists with Huge Egos
380B - Brown Paper Bag,

Artists with Huge Egos
acrylic + latex on canvas mounted on MDF
49 x 40 in (124 x 102 cm)
460F - Self Portrait I + II with Flannel Shirt
460F - Self Portrait I + II with Flannel Shirt
acrylic on canvas mounted on MDF
49 x 40 in (124 x 102 cm)

New 4" x 4"s

I finished a series of small paintings last month for my open studio -- 4" x 4" mini canvas paintings. Super cute! Here are the girls.....
 Party Dresses
Drama Queen
 Beer Can Rollers
Sunday Afternoon
Saturday Afternoon

Which is your favorite?

Painting of the Day- "Baby Ghoul" by Nicky Hoberman

I have liked British artist, Nicky Hoberman for many years.  The facial expressions of the children are somber and serious which makes them so cool. I am also a big fan of minimal backgrounds.
Think Pink
secret fairies
Nicky Hoberman's style is a mixture of photorealism and caricature, illogical figures contrasted against even and flat backgrounds interpreted only through their clothes, expressions, and poses. She is perhaps most famous for her effective investigation of the concepts of isolation, identity, and individuality through her art. 

atomic kitten
The last paintings, secret fairies and atomic kitten were the first I saw and when I began to admire her work. Super talented!

Painting of the day - "Odette" by Ryan Pickart

I discovered Pickart when someone pinned one of artist I like on pinterest. Isn't pinterest lovely?

Ryan Pickart

is an artist from Lowell, Indiana.  He started off by showing in local art shows and then became a HUGE sensation on Pinterest! He’s been compared to Klimt and Egon Schiele.  His images have spread like wild fire and I’m sure his career has as well.

Odette, 22" x 28" oil on canvas

One more by this artist.... 

I think you can see more of Klimt and Schiele influence in this painting.


painting of the day- "portrait of a lady serving a meal" by haley Hasler

I haven't posted a "painting of the day" in so long. Here is a good one.

 Haley Hasler's painstakingly rendered self-portraits often depict her balanced at the precipice of chaos. For many women, these scenes of frenetic domestic life may be exaggerated, but they are also familiar. Hasler’s paintings offer a knowing look into womanhood and modern feminity through narratives and metaphors on identity.
Few more by this artist..... I like Hasler's facial expression, which remains the same in her portraits.
Portrait as an Allegory of Fidelity
Portrait of a Lady Bearing Snacks

painting of the day: "Crown" by Will Cotton

I have admired Will Cotton's pink cotton candy cloud paintings way before Katy. Below is Katy Perry's

California Gurls

video which is greatly influenced by Cotton's paintings. My kids love Perry's music but me.... not so much.

Will Cotton, 


, 2012, oil on linen, 80 x 68 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Mary Boone Gallery

Will Cotton is an American painter. His work primarily features landscapes composed of sweets, often inhabited by human subjects.

Will Cotton

lives and works in New York City


Painting of the Day: "Summer Relations" by Philip Barlow

South African painter, Philip Barlow has captured the soft focus effect very well. Love it.
Summer Relations,  oil on canvas, 70 x 100cm by Philip Barlow
The figures in the landscape serve as carriers and reflectors of the light that falls upon them. Bathed in the luminosity, it is my hope that they would become more beautiful. To me, light is the ultimate subject because it embodies the pinnacle of all reality.

Painting of the Day: A painting by Mary Sauer

I admire Sauer's concept of painting modern women in modern settings. The background is as interesting as the subject. I like the use of white in this particular oil painting. My preference is the large scale oil paintings to her small portraits.
unknown title
As she builds her large scale impressionistic paintings in oil on canvas, Mary Sauer’s subjects are posed with an elegant grace within highly structured settings. They are softly illuminated with a nod to the idealized imagery of the 1950s and commissioned portraiture.
Born in Hanson, KY and now living in Manhattan, NY, Sauer’s upbringing in a conservative Christian home centers her art with a sense of traditional family values, as she gives honor to the role of mothers in society while exploring the unexpected challenges placed on women through the feminist movement.

more of Mary Sauer-