2012 christmas card

Here is this year's Christmas card. We spent Thanksgiving at my brother-in-law's folks place this year. The photos were shot around their beautiful property in Harwood, Maryland. A perfect backdrop for my wonderful kids, Hannah (14) and Jake (11). What a true blessing they are! You too, Bear.

Happy Holidays!

Billy Mack in "Love Actually"

In Character: Billy Mack

Feel free to make your case for the best Christmas movie of all time elsewhere—argue the merits of Bad Santa vs. ElfMickey’s Christmas Carol vs. Miracle on 34th Street—but your energies are wasted here. For me, the victor is (and will always be!) Love Actually. Here, a tight pant-fueled tribute to the best character in that best movie, Bill Nighy’s back-from-the-dead Billy Mack. —erica
I love the Billy Mac character and agree, Love Actually is my top pick. Followed closely by It's a wonderful Life and The Family Stone. - me.
A silk Haider Ackermann shirt fit for celebrating the holiday with cute bird or your manager, ugliest man in the world.
A white leather Carol Christian Poell jacket that helps you remember the lyrics are “If you really love Christmas, come on and let it SNOW.”
The sort of Hannah Martin ring that recalls your heroin-binging days—back before Blue commandeered the airwaves.
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