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I recently came across this lovely DIY on Pinterest and had to give it a go. Please see tutorial by Kristen Laczi’s Blog Thanks, Kristen! I love them!



  1. Glass or Plastic Ornaments

  2. Acrylic Paint

  3. Paint Brushes

  4. Jar for water

  5. Paper towels

  6. Wax Paper 

  7. Ribbon, Twine or Ornament Hooks


  1. Lay down a sheet or kraft paper to protect your desk

  2. Lay down some wax paper (optional, but I found that when the ornaments are drying they didn't stick to the wax paper.)

  3. Pick out your paint colors, brushes and get a jar of water for washing your brushes off

  4. Take caps off the ornaments & put them aside

  5. Lay all the ornaments out on the wax paper

  6. Mix your colors and get creative! Theres no right or wrong, just have fun with it. 

  7. Let your ornaments dry

  8. Touch up if need be

  9. Put caps back on ornaments

  10. Add ribbon, twine or hooks to complete the look

  11. Hang on the tree and enjoy!


ENJOY and Happy Holidays!!



I LOVE THIS WALLPAPER! Coming soon ... a diy hand painted dining room mural

I have recently discovered and fallen in love with Gucci's Heron print wallpaper. Scattered dragonflies with herons elegantly at play on a pink background and it's Gucci! Fact is, I'm so in love with this wallpaper that I am planning to recreate my own version on my dining room wall. Simply, because I can and at $350 for 2 panels (W2.25ft x L11.5ft), I have no choice. Can't wait to start this project and will blog again with updates on this fancy diy.

Gucci heron print wallpaper
gucci heron print wallpaper

I am also inspired by the hand painted designs of Voutsa. I'm sure you have seen the the Garden Chinoiserie Mural sold by Anthropologie and featured in this delightful dining room designed Schuyler Stamperton in the June 2017 House Beautiful. I currently have a client that loves Stamperton's dining room and we are using images as inspiration for her dining room makeover.


Here are some other designs by Voutsa

Voutsa via Design Crush

Voutsa via Design Crush

Voutsa via  Design Crush

Voutsa via Design Crush

Updates soon to follow on mural and client's dining room makeover. Art and design is everything!


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