painting of the day and DIY in one - "Untitled" by Keith Haring

Today's painting of the day is "untitled"(this title happens when artist is so prolific and couldn't possibly to come up with something clever and/or image speaks for itself) by Keith Haring. 

Here's the DIY: I cut up my Keith Haring calendar to make some fast art. I am so glad the cover was the same image as february. I had a small painting, I was bored with, in a frame with a mat. It is okay to recycle art. I took the frame apart and in this case I did have to cut the mat opening a little larger. Put it back together and I have instant Valentine art.

More about this artist below-
Keith Haring was born May 4, 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania. He moved to New York City in 1978, and began using the city as his canvas, making chalk drawings in subway stations. With its thriving underground art scene, New York seemed to be the perfect fit for the young artist. In 1982, he had his first New York one-man show at the Shafrazi Gallery. A critical success, he soon became one of most popular artists of the time. He died on February 16, 1990, of AIDS-related complications.

A Valentine's Day Lunch

Thought this was adorable. I would have loved to have planned a small Valentine's Day tea party with my girlfriends.......maybe next year. Found video at glamoursmash.com

Kristen from Just a Girl and Her Little Dog- made THE CUTEST video on how to put together the perfect Valentine's Day lunch for the girls! You MUST watch it below. 
Oh, and her adorable pink-haired rockstar puppy, Lola, makes an appearance about 20 seconds in! 

nice idea: I attended a baby shower many years ago where the hostess served coffee and tea in several mismatched tea cups. So pretty. So for several years following, this is what my friends and I came up with....amongst your closest girly friends, give a tea cup for a birthday gift or an annual event you all celebrate together. If a group of 3-4 friends do this for 2 or 3 years..... you end up with a fabulous collection. 

See some of my collection below

what makes you happy on a rainy day?

Today I was out and about and stopped into a local antique shop. I came across these adorable mercury glass mushrooms. I was feeling a little whimsical or Kelly Wearstlerish and had to have. Tag said $12 bucks for the trio, they jumped in a bag and came home with me. What makes you smile on a gloomy, rainy day? Today....... mushrooms. See Jackie from Teal and Lime's March 16th post.

I have to share the adorable-ness! Last weekend we made the journey (I left out the word epic, because it is only a 35 minute drive) to Room & Board and West Elm. We planned to just window shop, but I could not resist the mercury glass cuteness at West Elm.  I made a day-after-payday impulse buy. I bought three of the various sized mercury glass mushrooms. I only passed on the smallest one.
West Elm Mercury Glass Mushrooms
My motives for the purchase:
West Elm Mercury Glass Mushrooms
Blinded by my motives I overlooked the total price tag of $60 for the three mushrooms.  I thought maybe I would have buyer’s remorse due to the price, but I never did.  Let’s just be happy I stopped at three, because I tell you seeing tons of these guys lining the West Elm shelves is super adorable.  If they were a bit more affordable, I would have bought a garden of mercury glass mushrooms.
West Elm Mercury Glass Mushrooms
Once I unwrapped them at home and set them up in a cluster on the mantel, I was even more in love.  They are such a happy addition to the family room.  They provide balance to the mantel with the owl on the other side.  If you are keeping track, I also made a few other mantel changes or maybe I should say removals.  See the subtle holiday mantel for the before.  After the holidays I removed the vase of jingle bells.  Recently, to make room for the mushrooms, I removed the large turquoise vases.  I instantly liked how much lighter and airer the mantel felt.  I still need to make a few other mantel changes for spring…

Thanks Mimosa Lane blog

Good Morning! Today I am reposting a post from mimosalaneblog.blogspot.com. Thanks Albertina and Julie.


I'm in love with this painting by Sabrina Cabada.  It is mesmerizing.  I love the complementary colors- red and green.  They make a powerful statement in a non-christmassy kind of way. Aside from the outfit, I'm insisting on reading a lot of classics this summer (maybe its because I'm feeling guilty for having read Fifty Shades of Grey?) and with those cute designs who wouldn't want to have those cute books adorning your bookcases when you are done?  
So back to the outfit- Adorable espadrilles, check, cute necklace, check, cool shorts and top, check, reading treasures, check, blanket, check, refreshing watermelon, of course!  

I hope you have a great one!

a look at my livingroom

I think it was the lamps that inspired the red accent throughout my living room.

Noguchi table in walnut at allmodern $1,539, I made the pillow but they sell them on etsy $28, coffee table book- Life is Paradise portraits by Francesco Clemente at amazon , Mongolian lamb pillow cover at westelm $59, acrylic red ball lamp at lightinthebox $70, Reese sofa in Tatum by Room and Board $1,500. 

 My Noguchi table is a knock off and Mongolian pillows and lamps I bought at Marshalls.

Can you find Bear in one of the photos above?

Today is the first day of Spring

I love spring. Unfortunately, my entire family suffers from allergies. I manage to forgive the happy budding life all around me. We have a Camellia bush in our front yard and it has pretty coral rose-like flowers that bloom in early March. The fallen petals inspired a fashion collage.

Amaranth Wedge Sandal in Coral Suede at Solestruck $334.95, Dr. Scholl's flat band sandal $64, Levity Whisper wedge sandal at DSW $59.95, Bobbi Brown cabana corals pot rouge $24, Fairburn Necklace at Anthropologie $58, pretty coral dress from pinterest, Chanel Coral nail polish $29, Coral Chandelier at Ann Coyle Interiors $3,750.