Painting of the day "Pier" by Alasdair Lindsay

Al (Alasdair) is a painter and an avid surfer. He studied Fine Art at Falmouth College, graduating in '99. His surfing lifestyle inspired his creative work. In addition to the ocean, he's inspired by abstract-expressionist painters such as Diebenkorn and Thebaud. 
"My Painting is based on the local landscape I see every day here in Cornwall. I study these places regularly and sometimes sketch on site, although I usually paint from memory and through experimentation. My painting has various influences, from my interest in mid century architecture and design, vintage poster and surfboard design, and Californian abstract artists from the 50s inform my colour and mark. My studio work is down to decisions based on instinct rather than theory. Often the subject of my painting becomes secondary to the emerging pattern of abstract areas, which must be evaluated and perhaps edited for the sake of the overall composition." - Alasdair Lindsay

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