Portrait of Diane von Furstenberg by Anh Duong

I discovered this portrait of Diane von Furstenberg this morning. The portrait struck me to be influenced by Francisco Clemente. I enjoyed the video and learning about painter Anh Duong.
French-born Anh Duong is a painter and sculptor whose intimate self-portraits and still lifes evoke comparison to artists such as Frida Kahlo, Dora Maar, and the Austrian Expressionist Egon Schiele. Her paintings, particularly the self-portraits, are meant to be read like a visual diary of the artist’s daily life. Often shorn of adornment, they depict the artist in non-idealized situations, sometimes nude, through which the viewer gains an acute appreciation of the fragility and beauty of the subject.

a conversation with Anh Duong & Diane von Furstenberg from Reid van Renesse on Vimeo.