Painting of the Day -"Cherubini" by Nina Nolte

Cherubini 1, 2006

German painter Nina Nolte was born in 1957 in El Salvador, grew up in Spain and Germany and lives and works now in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Nina Nolte’s works manifest a great understanding for the reflection of light, the freeness of spirit in realism, and pure colour.

Her lines are soft and organic, complemented by the natural-colour backgrounds that brighten her figures and bring a simple elegance to her works. In the scenes of swimmers and loungers in the pool, the playful flittering of light across a watery surface is juxtaposed with the pockets of shadows and undulating ripples.

The vibrant colours and confident gestures of her figures communicate a sense of serenity. One can feel the warm sun beating down from above yet experience the cooling, therapeutic relief of the water.

A bird’s eye view gives many of her works a cinematic touch. The close-up angles provide exposure to detail, thus inviting a certain level of intimacy and allowing the observer to make a personal connection.

Nolte’s paintings are figurative - and depicting reality in this manner represents both an artistic as well as conceptual challenge. Her paintings follow an inner imagery that has its own unique logic, which manifests itself as a compelling coherence of the individual elements. Nolte’s painting – particularly with regard to her affirmation of modern art – represents European tradition.