Five More Cool Artists

I admire artists that create using individual style and unique subject matter. I wish I was an collector. I would fill my home with these paintings.
Painting by Phil Noto. Comic book artist who paints interesting originals of women.
A few years back I discover Aya Uekawa in an art magazine. Title of article was "5 Artists to Watch". Uekawa uses the high realism of Dutch & Flemish Renaissance paintings with portraits of young women, often in states of dreamy transformation, straddling reality and fantasy.
French Artist, René GRUAU loves women. With great humour, he defines Glamour and Sensuality by revealing the feminine universe – made of luxury, frivolity, futility and narcissism – as the most natural thing in the world…
Belinda Eaton is a British artist whose magic realism paintings and portraits evoke a world of colour, vivid characters, swirling spaces, uncontained energy that can’t be trapped by the limits of the canvas, images constantly on the move, living life, dancing, drinking, and eating. Within the canvas there are no boundaries of subject, perspective or reality, just the borrowings from all that she has been exposed to.

Emily Burns art is a bit bizarre but I love photo realism and of course, weird subject matter.  A photo is actually taken of a woman with spaghettiOs all over her face. love it!